Project to interface a traincab with a rail sim

Building a railcab en

By Blokker_1999 on donderdag 17 januari 2013 20:09 - Comments (5)
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Something new, a blog post in English. I have doubted for a while if I should even write these, but in the end I’m going through with it anyway.

I have been a railway enthusiast for a long time and been playing rail simulators on the computer for years now. Already logged more than 800 hours on Railworks. In 2011, for our open days, I already made a connection between Railworks and a real train cab. And ever since I have been dreaming of having my own cab at home.

A big project that I have finally been able to start. My thanks go out to an NPO that helped me acquire some essential parts. Unfortunately due to the route we have taken, I cannot (yet) show any images of the cab itself. But in the following weeks, while working on the cab, I will make some posts about progress made and solutions created for the problems I come across.

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